Charleston Fashion Week-Spring Bridal Show

This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit Charleston, SC for the Charleston Spring Bridal Show that is apart of Charleston Fashion Week.  If you are a wedding “junkie” like myself then I would highly recommend this event in the future.  The show displayed upcoming trends and styles for wedding gowns as well as displayed local designers work.  There were some amazing gowns and each designer had a distinct style to their dresses.  Some of my favorites were Modern Trousseau, White, Maddison Row & Bella Bridesmaid and Heidi Elnora.  Each dress that came out made me want to “re-do” my own just so I could wear one of these beautiful dresses!

The tent where the runway show took place was beautifully decorated and did I mention that I snagged a front row seat?!  The overall style for 2011 is going to be vintage, antique brooches and lots of lace.  Ivory seemed to be a favorite among the designers and there was even a blush and a charcoal gray gown that took front and center during the show.  The traditional, classic ball gowns, although still popular are now being embellished with tulle, brooches and designs incorporated into the materials.  Sleek, long dresses (beautiful for a beach wedding) made an appearance during the show and short “Audrey Hepburn” style dresses were also popular.  The show left onlookers, brides-to-be and fellow wedding professionals in awe of the gorgeous things that are to come during wedding season 2011!





~ by Salutations & Soirees on March 29, 2011.

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