Oh the Places You’ll Go!

Most people remember the Dr. Seuss book titled, “Oh the Places You’ll Go,” as a great kids book or even a book that you received when you were entering a new phase of your life.  Over the past few weeks this book has taken on a whole new meaning from an event planner perspective for me.  In the past 2 weeks I have made several site visits to all sorts of venues, from the mountains to the coast!  Although I have always realized the importance of site visits prior to planning any big day, it made me realize just how important it is to see these spaces before I start designing the space to create the perfect atmosphere for your wedding.  Although pictures and videos from online help, there is no true way to know where to begin until you see the space at hand.  I managed to visit The Lake Lure Inn & Spa (Lake Lure, NC), The Davenport (Greer, SC), The Sawmill (Greenville, SC) and a private home at Fripp Island (Fripp Island, SC) during this 2 week time span and was able to start pulling the details together for my brides.

If you are not hiring a professional planner to coordinate the details of your wedding and meet with your vendors then be prepared by putting a list of questions together to ask when you visit your wedding and/or reception venue.  Some important questions to ask are:

1. What is the room capacity for this space?

2. How many people can be seated comfortably with a stage, dance floor, cake table, etc?

3. How many hours do we have the space?

4. Is there an onsite caterer that we are required to use?

5. Is there ample parking space available for the guests to park?

There are many more questions that need to be asked prior to you booking your venue.  An experienced planner knows all the right questions to ask and will help guide you through the planning process so that there are no “hick ups” the day of the wedding.  Best of luck planning your Soiree!



~ by Salutations & Soirees on February 27, 2011.

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